Pathway is the newest innovation in online ministerial training and credential advancement. Pathway was created as a pathway to get both formal Bible education and an Assemblies of God credential at the same time. They are a “Church-Based Bible Institute” that has been approved by the General Council of the Assemblies of God. The Bible training they provide will give you a great education, while also fulfilling the educational requirements needed to apply for all three levels of credentialing with the Assemblies of God (certified, licensed and ordained).

Pathway is one of the most innovative approaches to earning all three levels of ministerial credentials.  The following characteristics make it uniquely user-friendly.

  • Fully online.  All their courses and materials are online. This means you don’t need to buy, order or ship books! All you need is accessible by your computer or smartphone.
  • App-based. Once you register for your subscription through the Pathway website, you can then use the platform through Pathway’s app. Their app will then enable you to access your courses anywhere and anytime. To access the app, just search for “Pathway Training” in your app store.
  • Self-paced. You can progress as fast as you like. There are no due dates or completion windows for any assignments, and you may take as long as you want in any course! That means no long waits for annual class rotations, inconvenient meeting times or inconsistent class schedules.
  • Subscription based. A subscription of $50 a month will give you access to their entire catalog. This makes all credentialing courses and electives available to you.
  • Credit mobility. Because Pathway has partnered with Assemblies of God universities, you can continue your studies and transfer over more than a full year’s worth of credits to a partnering university.

Pathway’s online interface allows you to track your progress, view your professor’s feedback to coursework and get an all-access pass to all of their credentialing courses and any future electives they publish.  For more information go to